Bryan Cranston changes tune on Trump

"He was not my candidate, but he is going to be my president..."

During the presidential campaign, there were dozens of celebrities who made their feelings known about Donald Trump. One of the most outspoken ones was Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

In fact, he reportedly promised to leave the country if Trump was elected.

Now that Trump is the President-elect though, Cranston has changed his mind and even spoken hopefully about the new administration. Appearing last week on the Today show, the Oscar-nominated star said, "He was not my candidate, but he is going to be my president, and I truly hope that he does and exceptionally good job."

Although Cranston was one of the many celebrities who was critical of the Republican presidential nominee, he's one the few who has come out and spoken hopefully about the future (compared to the celebrities who wanted the electors to vote against their state's wishes).

Cranston's new film Why Him? opens in  theaters nationwide this Friday.

John Hanlon is our film and television critic. He can be followed on Twitter @johnhanlon and on Facebook here.


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